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Product Areas

Within Salmon, we have a wide range of services to assist businesses in maximising their assets and profits.

Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances are the sums of money a UK business can deduct from the overall corporate or income tax on its profit

Inheritance Tax

high net worth individuals, are facing complex estate challenges but there are ways to mitigate this with good planning.

Asset Protection

Asset protection is a type of planning intended to protect from any possible claims.

Utility Reclaims

Many companies are unaware of errors that are on their energy bills. Entitling you to a refund on your utilities.

Profit Protection

The art of becoming wealthy starts with the ability to retain as much of your income as possible

Payroll Services

Payroll outsourcing has become a standard feature of global business landscape for the last 40 years.

Care Home Vat

The Kingcrest VAT claim now enables many Care Homes the ability to claim back VAT paid between the periods of 1993 -2002