Overview :

Many companies are unaware of the vast array or errors that are a consistent feature on their energy bills, examples are your meter being incorrectly setup, wrong rate, incorrect banding, consumption, or even registered at the wrong address or business type.

We are able to detect deficiencies in your Gas, Electricity, and Water bills. Our strategy is well tested and proven to provide refunds. Simply provide your last utility bill and our forensic audit will asses whether you are eligible to reclaim up to 5 years of overcharging. We will reclaim overpayments for every size of company, so whether you run a small corner shop or a blue chip company we have the experience to highlight deficiencies in you providers invoicing.

How Can We Help !

Salmon make no initial charge for undertaking a historic review of your invoices. In the event that we are able to obtain a refund, we simply request that you pay a percentage of the refund. If we cannot obtain a refund then there is no cost to you at all, which makes it both affordable and fair to the varying spectrum of companies we deal with. So there really is nothing to lose. Our processes are both simple and fast. We do all the work and you can rest assured that we will highlight any irregularity within your bills.