Overview :

If you are a UK tax payer, (whether a corporate UK tax payer or an individual UK taxpayer), and you realise an earnings/profits package of at least £60k per annum or more, then you fall within our catchment criteria. We can design for you a tax planning strategy using a unique Remuneration Trust that can be declared to HMRC and which they will acknowledge to stand totally outside of current UK tax legislation. In other words, the UK tax man will not be able to touch it and, what is more, he will officially acknowledge it not to be any sort of illegal tax avoidance ruse.

Trusts are an innovative way of safeguarding any part of your income that you divert into them. They are a prudent method of protecting the vulnerable finances of any high earner. A remuneration trust is a mechanism that allows profit from a UK limited company to be deducted as an expense. Using legal strategies successfully implemented since 1990, the company, partnership or trader will make a legal deduction of profit and loss account to the remuneration trust. An interesting by-product of a Remuneration Trust is that there is no liability to corporation tax, income tax, capital gains tax or national insurance – on any trust contributions or trust growth.


Remuneration Trust Features !

• Uses statutory reliefs
• Proven track record
• Involves no ‘Tax Avoidance’
• Fully disclosed to HMRC and does not require a DOTAS reference
• Contributions are deductible against corporation tax / income tax
• Approved by House of Lords in 2005
• Outside Finance Act 2011
• Outside the scope of GAAR (General Anti-Abuse Rule)


Remuneration Trust Benefits !

• Protection of profits from litigation, creditors and divorce
• Interest and investment growth would be tax-free
• Rents earned would be tax-free
• Sales profits would be tax-free.
• Tax-free growth of assets
• Tax-free on the sale of assets
• Tax-free access to trust wealth
• Tax-free loans available
• IHT deduction for loans on death
• Freedom of investment
• Trust wealth available, tax-free, to beneficiaries upon death
• Incentives can be accessed tax-free
• Funds can stay in the UK, and grow tax-free
• Complete control of your assets in the UK