Overview :

Outsourcing has become a standard feature of the global business landscape during the last 40 years. Currently the UK goverment is the biggest outsourcer of staff to firms such as Capita, Aceenture, Serco. Each of those firms manages its affairs on an international basis to minimise tax and maximise its profit. The process of staff outsourcing is a well-established concept which essentially transfers the legal and financial responsibility for your staff to independent specialist employer companies. We have significant experience in ensuring that the transfer is TUPE compliant and we can help make the transfer process run smoothly and without disruption to our clients or their businesses.

Our Staff and associates have over 25 years of experience in employing many thousands of staff on behalf of our clients ranging from those in the healthcare sector to the professional sports industry. The Payroll Service has been providing a commercial outsourced labour and HR service to its clients for the last 8 years. The staff outsourced to the Payroll Service are all employed in the UK. The companies that employ them are part of an international group of companies. The group therefore, is able to take advantage of international accounting and tax regulations to maximise its profits and minimise the taxes it pays – completely legally, these savings can then be passed onto the client.

Our clients value our different perspective, practical solutions and unique service which results in  savings for them.

How Can We Help !

Our highly experienced payroll team provides a fully managed service that delivers your accurate payrolls and reports on time and in compliance with all the necessary regulations

Our Service includes:
• Setting up new company with new HMRC PAYE reference
• Setting up a new payroll system
• Processing timesheets and calculating payroll earnings, including directors’ payroll, and bonus calculations.
• Production of standard payslips or E-payslips
• Maintenance of staff records
• RTI Compliance
• Managing enquiries
• End of year P60s

Transition to our service could not be easier. We take full control of importing your existing payroll and staff data from your current systems into our own.