Overview :

As a high net worth individual, you are probably facing complex estate planning challenges. Perhaps you own assets in multiple countries or in a country that imposes high taxes. Or, if your heirs live abroad, you may need need to plan for tax and ownership issues in their country of residence. UK domiciled individuals are subject to IHT on their worldwide assets on death. Non domiciled individuals can also be subject to IHT if they have been in the UK for 17 out of the last 20 years

There are many ways to mitigate IHT and there are numerous ways of achieving the desired result, which is ultimately a heavily reduced tax bill or ideally no IHT bill at all. Mitigating IHT with us will normally save you 100% of your legacy for your family. The main method we use for eliminating inheritance tax is the asset / remuneration trust. All aspects of our trusts tax planning have been tested in court. Please note ! You can do tax planning after the death of a person so long as you can prove that they had planned to do tax planning for their estate.

How Can We Help !

Working with you and your advisors, Salmon can design and implement an international trust or other fiduciary solution to help you overcome these types of challenges and meet your financial objectives.

We are able to aid you in drafting tax efficient wills, trusts, and/or lasting powers of attorney, while retaining the flexibility and control required to meet evolving needs, to protect your family, assets and wealth from political, social, economic or personal uncertainty and also keeping business and family interests confidential, both during and after your lifetime.