Overview :

HMRC provides tax relief for expenditure incurred by UK taxpayers on their capital investment in commercial and other types of property. Most UK businesses pay tax on their trading profits and identifying capital allowances ’embedded’ withing the fabric of commercial property allows them to reduce that tax liability. This can result in either a refund of previous paid tax or a reduction in future tax or even both.


How Can We Help !

With the legislation (incorporated in Finance Act 2012) taking full effect from April 2014 onwards, it is now essential that you get this right, particularly when entering a property transaction or the relief may be lost forever.

• you to ensure that your entitlement to make a claim is fully established
• Surveying your property to ensure that all items are quantified using our bespoke app
• Full valuation of your Capital Allowances and categorising  them into Fixture & Fittings / Integral Features / Enhanced Capital Allowances (Energy & Water equipment)
• Assisting you when submitting the claim to HMRC (including providing advice on the most effective use of the allowances identified)
• Using our tried and tested negotiation techniques with HMRC to deal with any queries arising  from the claim.