Overview :

Asset protection is becoming more relevent today than it ever has, due to the decline in the economy and the goverments never ending pursuit of those with assets and savings, who they consider should pay more than those who are not in as comfortable a position. In the current fragile economy people are concerned to protect and save what they have, business owners are, in many cases, exposed to banks and creditors, home owners are exposed to personal debt and creditors in addition to any family disputes. The Asset Trust is designed to protect your main assets from the above, and looks to help pass on as part your inheritance. Throughout you have complete access and control over your trust assets during your lifetime.

A UK resident individual or company that owns (solely or jointly) a portfolio of assets can benefit from a Asset Trust, these assets are usually properties, but may be anything of a capital nature. Using legal structures successfully implemented for over 25 years, the portfolio can be moved, under statutory protection, into a tax free, Umbrella Asset Trust. .

Asset Trust Features !

• Sale proceeds of investments can be re-invested via the trust
• Exempt from tax on any future profits and gains
• Uses statutory reliefs
• Proven track record
• Involves no ‘Tax Avoidance’
• Fully disclosed to HMRC and does not require a DOTAS reference


Asset Trust Benefits !

• The investments can be sold free of Capital Gains Tax
• The asset sale proceeds fall outside Inheritance Tax
• Protection of assets from litigation, creditors, and divorce
• Interest and investment growth would be tax free
• Rent earned would be tax-free
• Sale profits would be tax-free
• Tax-free loans available
• IHT deduction for loans on death
• Trust wealth available, tax-free, to beneficiaries upon death
• Funds can stay in the UK, and grow
• Complete control of your assets in the UK
• No Stamp Duty Liability when moving assets to the trust.


What assets can go in the trust !

• Cash
• Your Home
• Second and other homes
• Art, Antiques, Jewellery
• Private Company Shares
• Quoted Shares
• Foreign Company Shares
• Loan Notes
• Other Securities
• Buy to Let Properties
• Other Commercial Properties